Flip this house Zillow plans to buy and sell homes

Zillow is a real estate information site that makes money from ads. But the company now wants a cut of the home buying and selling process. It's a potentially risky move and Wall Street doesn't seem too pleased by the new strategy.

Netflix is unstoppable

The stock is up more than 60% this year. Deutsche Bank just raised its price target. Earnings are out Monday, and analysts expect a blockbuster quarter.

Wells Fargo could face 1 billion penalty for auto and mortgage abuses

Wells Fargo may pay a $1 billion penalty for forcing customers into car insurance and for unfairly charging mortgages customers with fees.

Trump orders Postal Service review after attacking Amazon

After weeks of tweets complaining about Amazon's deal with the Postal Service, the president orders a review of its finances.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon still bullish on economy

JPMorgan Chase kicked off earnings season in style, reporting profits and revenue that topped forecasts and providing a healthy outlook for 2018. CEO Jamie Dimon continues to think the global economy will grow as well.



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