Bitcoin sinks 20

Bitcoin tumbled 20% Tuesday to around $12,000.

Global stocks boom Hong Kong hits record closing high

Hong Kong is joining the global equities party. Shares in the city have returned almost double the S&P 500 over the past year.

Venezuela president offers pregnant women 383 a month

A new monthly subsidy announced by President Nicolas Maduro is worth $3.83. It's unlikely to make much difference for people living in a nation plagued by hyperinflation.

Will US shale ruin the oil party again

Crude oil prices have soared to three-year highs. But will shale oil producers overwhelm the market, creating another disappointment in the boom-and-bust energy industry?

Why the US dollar isnt so mighty anymore

The dollar is starting off 2018 where it left off last year -- by sliding. But it's not necessarily bad news.



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