How to Be a Business Leader 5 Tips from These TED Talks

These 5 Brilliant TED Talks About Leadership Will Teach You How to Be a Great Leader
Companies spend a crazy amount of money each year training their employees — on average, $1,208 per employee, as of 2013. A lot of time and resources are sunk into developing better leaders within organizations.

But does it have to be such a process? Not always. Publishing and materials that once would have cost a fortune and been available only to a select few have been democratized by the internet and are readily available online.

We’re not talking low-quality instruction, either. Take online learning portal Udacity. It was developed by Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford professor and the inventor of Google’s driverless car, to make top-quality education available to everyone.

TED Talks are another source of quality, reputable instruction, and inspiration, on everything from entertainment to design to science — and leadership.

TED Talks About Leadership

These videos, ranging from just three to a little over 20 minutes in length, offer incredible leadership insight. Check them out:

1. Simon Sinek&r

64 of Small Businesses Spend At Least 1000 on Tax Administration Work

NSBA 2018 Small Business Taxation Survey

The new tax reforms passed by the Trump administration were supposed to simplify the tax system. However, The National Small Business Association’s (NSBA) 2018 Small Business Taxation Survey reports administrative burdens still outpaces those of finance as 63 percent said they spend more than $1,000 annually on the administration of federal taxes.

NSBA 2018 Small Business Taxation Survey

The 2018 NSBA survey provides insightful opinions on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from small businesses across the US. As part of the NSBA’s advocacy of small businesses, it is looking to find workable solutions to the tax code by simplifying the entire process and lowering rates. But the complexities persist.

For one in three small businesses, the survey reported they spend 40 hours each year on federal taxes. And to make matters worse, the NSBA says the complexity is expected to increase for tax year 2018. It is important to note the NSBA supported the law.

In the report, Cynthia Kay, NSBA Chair, and Todd McCracken, NSBA President and CEO, said, “While the law is far from perfect, NSBA ultimately supported it as a good start to what meaningful, broad tax reform should look like.”

The survey was carried out online from March 23 – April 5 with the participation of 953 small-business owners.

Key Takeaways From the Survey


How to Give Your Small Grocery Store the Edge without Lowering Prices

Win the War with Grocery Experiences. Not Better Prices

Competing against big retail chains on price points is nearly impossible for small grocery store owners. Luckily, good price is not the only way to boost sales.

Grocery Experiences Matter

According to data compiled by Rave Reviews, American consumers value convenience over a good price. In other words, facilitating great user experience can make a bigger impact than even lowering prices.

Consumers Becoming More Tech Savvy

Convenience is driving modern consumers toward technology. And more buyers are placing their orders online.

According to statistics, 42 percent of consumers buy snacks online. Thirty-two percent go online to order groceries.

Big Brands Focused on Convenience

To cater to the growing demand for a more convenient shopping experience, big brands such as Walmart and Amazon are introducing new services.

Walmart Grocery, for instance, offers free curbside grocery pickup for customers who order online.

AmazonFresh Pickup is another exclusive service for select members. It allows Prime customers to order online and pickup in 15 minutes. Cameras scan license plat

You Can Thank Us Later – 11 Employee Record Retention Requirements you MUST Follow

What are Your Employee Record Retention Requirements?

There’s a responsibility most small businesses owners would probably like to forget. But it’s imperative for anyone running anything larger than a sole proprietorship. This is your responsibility to keep records on your employees. While this might not be the most exciting part of running a business, it is important.

Employee Record Retention Requirements

Federal, state and local governments all have various requirements when it comes to keeping accurate documentation about hiring and other HR functions to protect both employees and businesses. As a business, failing to keep these records on hand could leave you open to wrongful termination suits or similar repercussions without any paperwork to defend yourself. Here are some of the requirements your business might have to satisfy when it comes to keeping employee records.

Keep Hiring Records for a Year

When you’re hiring for a new position, federal statutes like the Americans With Disabilities Act and Title VII require you to be non-discriminatory in your hiring process. So you should keep all applications, resumes and other documen

Security Breakdown The Vulnerabilities That Could Cost You

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What Physical Security Threats and Vulnerabilities Will Cost You

Have you taken stock of how secure your business is from inventory shrinkage due to theft, data theft, and unauthorized access to your building or office?

In past market research, Brivo has found that the majority of respondents are overconfident in the security of their businesses. This overconfidence is spurred by a lack of understanding of the real vulnerabilities of many of the current security solutions available.

As a small business owner you need to know that your business is safe. Safe from unauthorized access to your premises and from theft of physical inventory or office equipment that stores valuable or sensitive information.

Let’s break down the vulnerabilities of some of the most popular access control solutions that small businesses use:

The Vulnerabilities Security Solution Vulnerabilities Lock and Key

What Physical Security Threats and Vulnerabilities Will Cost You

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