How to Gain Customer Appreciation – And Why You Should

4 Ways to Show Clients Your Appreciation this Year

While it’s easy to view customers as just another business account, you must remember they’re people with very real thoughts and emotions. Keeping this in mind, let 2018 be the year that you show better appreciation for your loyal clients.

The Significance of Customer Appreciation

For all of the time and energy businesses pour into product development and other important business tasks, the reality is that everything pales in comparison to the significance of customer appreciation.

According to data collected by the U.S. Small Business Administration, 68 percent of clients leave because they feel the business doesn’t care about them. Compare that to just 14 percent that blame product dissatisfaction and you’ll see how critical customer appreciation is to a company’s overall health and well-being.

Customer appreciation can be defined as the measure of a company’s efforts to show customers their value and importance. It’s the way in which businesses show customers they’re grateful for them. The benefits of high customer appreciation include:

Higher retention rates. As the previous data point shows, customers who feel ap

53 Percent of Small Business Owners Pessimistic About Trump Legislation Helping Them

Rocket Lawyer 2018 Small Business Index: 53 Percent of Small Business Owners More Pessimistic About Trump Legislation Helping Them

Small businesses aren’t feeling especially optimistic about the Trump administration’s ability to enact policies that will help them, according to Rocket Lawyer’s 2018 Small Business Index. Or at least, the optimism that many of them were feeling last year has waned a bit.

Rocket Lawyer 2018 Small Business Index

Rocket Lawyer’s annual survey, which includes responses from 500 owners of small to medium sized businesses in the United States, found that 53 percent are feeling more pessimistic about the administration’s ability to enact helpful policies than they were at this point last year.

Heathcare and taxes seem to be the biggest concerns for small businesses heading into 2018, followed by infrastructure, immigration and trade issues. Though Republicans recently passed a new tax bill, small business owners don’t seem totally sold on that either. Forty-eight percent of respondents reported feeling pessimistic about tax issues, while 31 percent said they are taking a “wait and see” approach. Though, many of the responses were collected before the bill officially passed.

Despite those concerns, the index did find that small b

How to Make a Great First Impression in 30 Seconds or Less

How to Make a Great First Impression in 30 Seconds or Less

If you think you have at least a couple of minutes to make a first impression, you are wrong! According to the On Stride Financial infographic below, you only have at most 100 milliseconds to form an initial impression. What this really means to small business owners is that the way you evaluate potential employees, business partners and personal acquaintances on your first-time encounter with them, is the same way other people evaluate you and your business, relying mostly on how you conduct yourself.

So how can you ensure people are judging you accurately and also seeing your best side in just a few milliseconds? Atalanta Beaumont, a psychotherapist, says: “Humans can work like a wolf pack when in groups, and if they get a sniff of desperation they will either ostracize the perpetrator or target them unkindly.”

Tips on How to Make a Great First Impression

You can, however, avoid getting devoured by considering the following tips.

First, you need to offer a firm, 3 to 4 seconds long, handshake. University of Alabama researchers found out that a good, firm handshake indicates that you are outgoing, positive and an emotionally expressiv

Scoping Out the Competition Doesn’t Have to Be Hard Check These 5 Sources

5 Tips for Scoping Out Your Small Business Competition

Some of my best ideas have come from my competitors.  Think about it…as entrepreneurs, we’re constantly networking and looking for best practices and inspiration.  And sure, we can learn from people in every industry.  But each industry has its special concerns, the things that are unique and don’t necessarily translate well for outsiders.

Scoping Out Your Small Business Competition

That’s where your competition can be so useful.  Rather than developing solutions to every problem all on your own, take a peek at your competitors.  You’ll uncover all kinds of useful information from the following sources.

1. Their website. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from your competition’s website.  In addition to the obvious things, like pricing and special offers or sales, there’s even more to be learned from how they’re marketing themselves.  Are they appealing to a different niche than you?  Do they use an interesting approach to connecting with your prospective customers?  Everything from font to color choices matters on a website, and you should absolutely be checking the other guy’s frequently.  Don’t forget to sign up

How Xero’s Ryan Himmel Explains the Impact of Trump’s Tax Plan on Small Businesses

trump tax plan small business

The recent passage of the Republican tax bill could lead to big changes for small businesses. But some entrepreneurs are still unsure exactly which parts of the bill might have the biggest impact. So a financial professional could potentially shed some light on the specifics.

Ryan Himmel is a CPA and head of financial partnerships in the Americas for Xero. Himmel recently spoke with me as part of our exclusive Smart Hustle Report. During the conversation, he shared some insights about the Trump Tax Plan and the impact it might have on small businesses.

Himmel said, “It’s a fairly broad based plan to change taxes across individuals and small business as well as large corporations. I think, by and large, the intent of the bill is to put more money in individuals’ and businesses’ pockets and keeping less with the government.”

You can listen to the full conversation here.

Trump Tax Plan Small Business Implications

And check out some of the highlights from the discussion below.

Pass-Through Entities Get an Additional Deduction

The bill includes a proposed 20 percent deduction on income for entities that are pass through, including LLC



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