Best 50 Cities to Open a Coffee Shop in the United States

Best Places to Open a Coffee Shop in the US

The US is the leading market for coffee in the world. So throwing a dart on a map of the country may be as good a method as any for finding the right location to open a coffee shop. But if you really want to know where the best markets are, the new Frontier Business report has come up with 50 of the best cities in the country to open such a small business.

Best Places to Open a Coffee Shop

Would you have guessed cities like Laredo, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Charlotte, NC; Greensboro, NC, and Tulsa, OK would be the top five locations to start selling lattes? Not surprisingly, the report is filled with small cities across the country. And the biggest reason might be the over-saturation of coffee shops in major metropolitan areas.

Winston-Salem, NC; El Paso, TX; Hialeah, FL; Birmingham, AL; and Lubbock, TX wrap up the top 10, also small cities — and all in the southern United States. As a matter of fact, the top 12 cities overall were from the South.

Best Places to Open a Coffee Shop in the US

Snapchat Adds Group Video Chat for 16 People Adding Another Way to Engage Your Customers

Snapchat Group Video Chat for Up to 16 People

Two years after introducing video and voice chat in March 2016, Snapchat (NYSE: SNAP) has announced Group Video Chat with up to 16 people at once. Anything over 16 participants, and it becomes voice chat with support for up to 32 people.

Snapchat Group Video Chat

The communications features Snapchat is adding are increasingly changing it into a messaging service instead of a content platform. And as the company tries to find its bearings after its IPO and some ill-advised marketing, bringing together its predominantly young user base with video chat is a great way to keep its high engagement numbers up.

Small businesses looking to capitalize on this feature can use the video chat to communicate with more of their customers for product launching events, marketing campaigns or delivering better customer service.

While it may be a bit early to see what it can deliver to businesses right now, the new group chat feature can be used to increase engagement levels even more with Snapchat users. It is important to note this is nothing like Facebook, so businesses have to be more creative in its

Late Again

White Rabbit Business Cartoon

I love to pull ideas from Mother Goose and fairy tales for my cartoons, but there’s a rich vein of childrens’ literature that I need to remind myself to mine more often.

Plus then I get to draw things like Pooh, the Grinch, and, in this case, the White Rabbit … Which is a fun challenge now and then.

This article, "Late Again?" was first published on Small Business Trends

Zuckerberg Says It Will Take Years to Fix Facebook Will Your Customer Base Wait

Fixing Facebook will Take Years Says Zuckerberg -- Are You Along for the Ride?

It will take months, even years, to appropriately and effectively address the concerns large portions of the public have with Facebook, the founder Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday.

“Facebook is so complex” it will be a “multi-year effort” with “improvements made each month,” Zuckerberg felt the need to explain, concluding an extended conversation with reporters.

“These are big issues. This is a big shift for us, taking a bigger responsibility,” Zuckerberg continued. “It’s going to take some time. We are going to keep on looking for things.”

He also promoted two recent updates Facebook provided on the same day as his press call — one being more of a clarification of how its platform works and has been working in recent years.

“These updates are about making things clearer,” Facebook’s Erin Egan, vice president and chief privacy officer, and Ashlie Beringer, deputy general counsel, wrote on a company blog post. “We’re not as

4 Mistakes to Avoid which are Hurting your Small Business

4 Small Business Mistakes to Avoid

Most individuals interested in starting a small business are not interested in putting in all the necessary efforts because they want to be their own boss. In the beginning, all business owners work hard. They pay special attention to the requirements of customers and assure that they provide the best quality services.

However, as soon as they get successful most of them stop paying attention to some of the more important aspects. They have the misconception that this success is long-term. Here we have a list of common mistakes that severely hurt small businesses.

Small Business Mistakes to Avoid Neglecting To Network

A common mistake most business owners make is, they do not spend time with their business partners and potential clients. In order to maintain the success, it is important for the entrepreneurs to keep meeting new people. They have to make time for networking. They can organize an event and invite all the potential customers. It is important that you follow up the clients to show that you care about their presence. Business owners can arrange dinner or lunch meetings with their partners.

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