Merger of Android Pay Google Wallet Simplifies Small Business Payments

Launch of Google Pay Combines Android Pay and Google Wallet into One Service

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) announced recently it is merging all the different payments services it offers, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into a single brand: Google Pay. Small businesses that accept payments on its ecosystem will now reportedly have simpler, safer, and more consistent experiences.

Launch of Google Pay Streamlines Digital Payments

According to Google’s Pali Bhat, vice president of product management for Payments, the search giant has been working to streamline payments over the past year. This has been achieved with Google Pay, which is already available on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart, and other apps and websites, as well as at some retail outlets with NFC payments.

“With Google Pay, it’ll be easier for you to use the payment information saved to your Google Account, so you can speed through checkout with peace of mind,” Bhat wrote in a post announcing Google Pay on the company’s official blog. “Over the coming weeks, you’ll see Google Pay online, in store, and across Google products, as well as when you’re paying friends.”

One Payment Solution to Rule Them All

Android Pay is a popular service for checkout lines, Google Wall

Find Out What Trends Can Make Your Business More Profitable This Year

What are the major trends that are likely to impact your small business in 2018?

If you already knew the answer to this question, you’d be well on your way to a profitable year. But if you don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future, you might need to listen to insights from experts.

One opportunity to do just that comes in the form of a webinar scheduled for January 24. 5 Trends that Will Drive Your Profitability and Growth in 2018 is the webinar that will feature information about the top five trends that could impact your small business this year so that you can better leverage that information to grow your business.

If you’re interested in attending, you can learn more and find out how to register in the Featured Events section. Then check out even more upcoming events to consider for your small business in the list below.

To see a full list or to submit your own event, contest or award listing, visit the Small Business Events Calendar.

WEBINAR: 5 Trends that Will Drive Your Profitability and Growth in 2018WEBINAR: 5 Trends that Will Drive Your Profitability and Growth in 2018
January 24, 2018, Online

Customer habits and perceptions are rapidly

10 Marketing Tips and Tricks to Bring Your Business Up to Speed

How To Speed Up Your Business Website In A Few Simple StepsMarketing in 2018 is likely to look a bit different than it did in 2017. So if you want your strategy to be effective going forward, you have to make adjustments and keep up with all the latest trends. Here are some thoughts and tips from members of the online small business community to help you do just that.

Consider the Best Strategies for Instagram Growth

If you’re looking to use Instagram as a marketing platform for your business, you need a strategy. There are plenty of different ways you can go about growing your Instagram presence. And Lilach Bullock discusses some of them in a recent post on the DIY Marketers blog.

Evaluate the Authenticity of Marketing Services

Once your company has grown enough that you can’t handle everything yourself, you might consider hiring a marketing service. But how do you know which services are authentic and which ones aren’t? Jeremy Webb of offers some insights.

Grow Your Low Traffic Blog

You don’t need to start out with tons of blog traffic in order to use a blog to grow your business. In a recent Web Hosting Secrets Revealed post, Gina Badalaty shares an interview with tips for low traffic bloggers. And BizSugar members also comment on the post.

Don’t Put Everything Off Until Tomorrow


How to Prevent Influence Marketers from Going Rogue with Your Brand Name

Brand-Safe Influencer Marketing Guide: How to Prevent Influence Marketers from Going Rogue with Your Brand Name

A few recent examples of online influencers hurting the brands they work with have small businesses wary of influencer marketing. PewDiePie and Logan Paul are just a few of the big name influencers who have stirred up controversy in recent months that the brands they work with didn’t count on.

But these situations don’t mean that influencer marketing is too risky for small businesses. You just need to be prepared. And there’s a new resource that can help you do just that.

Brand-Safe Influencer Marketing Guide

Influicity, an influencer marketing analytics and campaign management service, has just released a brand-safe influencer marketing guide to help brands manage influencer campaigns even when they go rogue.

Jon Davids, founder and CEO of Influicity, told Small Business Trends, “The last year was an awakening for marketers on the importance of brand-safety in the new media context. It’s not enough to send a product over to a creator and hope for the best. Brands need to develop and follow a diligence process to protect their IP wherever it goes.”

The guide is aimed at helping brands manage their influencer campaigns in

GovCon Incubator Wants to Connect Small Businesses with More Federal Contracts

GovCon Incubator Wants to Connect Small Businesses with More Federal Contracts

Small businesses looking to gain more government contracts could benefit from a new specialized incubator. The GovCon Incubator is a multi-layered program that provides curriculum to address every aspect of the federal government contracting process.

The Purpose Behind the GovCon Incubator

OST Global Solutions is the company behind the new GovCon incubator. OST CEO Olessia Smotrova said in an email to Small Business Trends, “We built our incubator for passionate small business owners who are searching for a smart way to build a government contracting company, and we are ready to give them the recipe and support to succeed. Our goal is to grow small businesses into a more capable government contractor force that will make a difference on projects that are vital to our nation.”

In addition to the educational aspect, the incubator also provides mentoring from in-house consultants who have collectively won more than $22 million in funded government contracts. So you can learn directly from those who have been through it already.

Federal government contracts can certainly provide a major boon to small businesses. The federal government is



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