New Skype for Content Creators Targeted to Live Streamers and Video Bloggers

New Skype Content Creators Mode Targeted to Live Streamers and Video Bloggers

Content creators have become an industry to themselves. And companies that provide communication solutions have been adapting their products to meet the particular needs of this growing user base. Skype for Content Creators is the latest feature, which will allow creators to record videos, podcasts, and live streaming calls.

Skype Content Creators Mode

On the Skype blog, the company says these creators will be able to make recordings without having to invest in expensive studio equipment. As long as you have a Windows 10 or Mac computer, you can use Skype Content Creators to place and record calls.

With this feature, creators as well as small businesses who have podcasts can now engage even more with their audience within the Skype platform.

Live broadcasting is being adopted by more platforms to meet the growing demand of online communities, both consumers and organizations. YouTube made the same move just last month, by simplifying live streaming even more.

Skype is also simplifying the process. In the blog, it said it is making it easier than ever to use the audio and video for creating collaborative and engaging content with as little as two steps. Skype unlocks your content from within the Skype for Desktop app so you can set up your calls to live stream them on the platform



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