What is a Content Management System and How Can it Help Your Business

What is a Content Management System?
A content management system (CMS) is software designed to create, edit, organize and publish digital content. If you’re a small business, you can gain a lot from using CMS technology to create and manage content without much technical know-how or a hefty budget.

Take a look at what exactly a content management system is, what the benefits are, and which one is right for your business.

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS takes care of the backend coding of a website. By creating templates, CMSs allow multiple users to manage the content, information and data of a website, project or internet application. By using a control panel or administration, a CMS enables businesses to create, edit, publish, archive content and then distribute such content, data and information quickly and efficiently.

Through an easy-to-use CMS, businesses can create, edit, publish and archive web pages, as well as blogs, articles, press releases and events. They can also add and edit product and services descriptions, product specifications, prices, photos, videos and more by using the CMS.

Website statistics can also be viewed and

Apply These 10 Secret Techniques to get Your Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together

10 Ways Leaders Can Get Sales and Marketing Working Together
Getting your marketing and sales teams to see eye-to-eye may seem like an impossible task. Sure, you know the value of both and how they affect each other’s roles, but they can’t seem to accept the fact that one can’t live without the other. By helping your marketing team to integrate better with your sales team, you can start the process encouraging everyone to play together better, a boost for growth — and morale. That’s why we asked 10 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following:

“What’s one way to encourage your marketing team to become more familiar with sales tactics (emails, cold calls, etc.)?”

How to Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

1. Set Target Goals and Perks

“I’m all too familiar with marketing teams thinking that cold calling is dead and inbound marketing is the only answer. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you arm them with some target goals

How 7 Things will Change the Way You Approach Your Family Business

7 Family Business Success Secrets

Family businesses are a huge part of America’s economic landscape. But some 70 percent of family businesses do not outlast the first generation, according to Harvard Business Review.  And of the 30 percent that make it to a second generation, only 12 percent survive to be passed down to a third generation.

Family Business Success Tips

If you own a family business, how can you ensure yours beats the odds? Here are seven secrets of successful family businesses.

1. Communicate openly. Poor communication is the downfall of many a family business. It can be difficult to be honest with family members or confront them about issues. However, if you don’t air your concerns openly, problems will fester and cause lasting difficulties. Hold regular business meetings among family members and work to nip problems in the bud.

2. Make an extra effort to be fair to non-family employees. It’s common for non-family employees in a family business to feel that they will never advance or enjoy the advantages that family members have. If your business expects to grow (and you&rsq

California Tech Startups Struggle with Hiring Are You Covering Employee Cost of Living

Workers Cannot Afford Housing in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley tech startups are establishing satellite locations or moving entirely out of the California’s Bay Area to find affordable workers who don’t have to cope with the state’s high cost of living, The Mercury News reported on Monday.

Workers Cannot Afford Housing in Silicon Valley

Hiring in Silicon Valley has become increasingly difficult for young companies needing to attract workers in one of the costliest areas in the U.S. Employees expect large salaries in order to cover ordinary expenses and pay the highest state income tax in the country.

Toni Schneider is a partner at a San Francisco-based venture capital firm. He is the former CEO of a startup that maintained a mostly remote workforce. Without the physical constraints of a traditional office, Schneider never had a problem finding employees or attracting talent. Employees from other firms even sought after Schneider’s firm because the company allowed such flexibility in living.

“We never had a problem finding people,” San Francisco-based venture capital firm True Ventures partner Toni Sch

How Josh Wadinski of Plantioxidants Created a Standout Brand in the Crowded Skin Care Industry

Skincare Trends: Standing Out in the Unregulated Wild West of Skincare

From scrubs to moisturizers, balms to skin creams, the beauty space sees countless brands appear and disappear. This should come as no surprise because the industry offers so much choice yet so little true differentiation. Last year, Beauty Editor at Marie Claire magazine Jennifer Goldstein pointed out that skincare companies look to the color cosmetics industry for different trends.

But what about trends that are more of a movement? According to, individual needs and values now drive purchases and loyalties. Small Business Trends connected with Josh Wadinski of Plantioxidants to get his thoughts on that point and the steps he took to make sure he wasn’t creating a “me too” brand.

Skincare Trends

With a disruptive approach to luxury skincare, Wadinski is a lifelong environmentalist and clean living advocate w



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