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Using Social Media for Ecommerce

Social media is not just a great tool to promote your business and draw customer attention. If used optimally, it can also be an effective ecommerce platform for your small business. That’s according to product review and coupon site,

The site has gathered data to show the potential of social media to drive sales.

Social Shoppers’ Spending on the Rise

Data shows Shopify users referred by Pinterest spend an average of $80. Those referred by Facebook spend an average of $40.

Other social media platforms are also driving sales for businesses.

Average order value driven by Instagram is $65. While Twitter and Google+ drive average sales of $46.29 and $40 respectively.

Buyers Have Become More Social

Judging by the growing popularity of social media, it’s no surprise social commerce is becoming bigger every day.

An increasing number of consumers are using social networking sites before, during and after a purchase. The majority of consumers (87 percent) say social media helps them decide what to buy. And most of them (90 percent) try to reach out to brands via social media.

It’s also interesting to note how a large number of consumers (59 percent) think customer service through social

To Grow Your Business You Must Think Big Act Bigger

To Grow Your Business You Must Think Big Act Bigger

People celebrate the start of a business, and certainly celebrate the years a business has been operating. But apart from all this celebrating, there is a lot of hard work necessary to grow a business effectively?

Jeffrey Hayzlett knows this first hand, and certainly offers terrific insights in his book with Jim Eber: Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless.

I discovered his book while at a day conference a while back.  It sets the right tone for any business establishing a confident culture ready to take things to the next level.

What Is Think Big Act Bigger About?

The book offers Hayzlett’s perspective on owning who you are as you scale your business. This “owning who you are” phrase may sound like the opening line from a personal trainer, but Hayzlett offers something richer — the idea of being your own person by aligning your actions to prepare for the big decisions and big moments. 

Hayzlett knows of what he speaks. He was CMO of Eastman Kodak until 2010.  He held numerous senior management positions prior to that.  And he is a prime-time TV and radio host, a highly sought-after business keynote speaker and author of two books prior to Think Big. Hayzlett has a brash straightforward style which has become all the rage. Witness the tremendous popularity of business TV shows like CNBC’s The Profit and ABC’s Shark Tank where entrepreneurs receive brash straightforward advice from seasoned veterans.    

Also Hayzlett’s insights in the book seem to always target the corporate professional in scope. However they are still applicable enough to fit the lifestyles of everyday freelancers with ease. I nodded in agreement as I read about his view on change and transparency.

“Yes, your story will need to evolve over time. Yes, you must refine how you think and act to face emerging challenges as you grow and face new competition….But if you do all things having defined the core of who you are and hold true

Latest Facebook Concerns Remain While Snapchat and Instagram Offer New Business Services

This week Facebook founder and CEO  Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in Congress had many businesses that advertise on Facebook worried. And the fact that he said the fix would take years didn’t completely ease the minds of many.

In addition to his testimony, Facebook also admitted scanning Messenger data in another story in this week’s roundup. Related to social media, Snapchat added a new group video chat for 16 people, and Shopify and Instagram have come together to give small businesses global access. So should small businesses maybe be looking for other social platforms on which to connect with potential customers?

You can take a look at these and other stories in the news roundup covering a range of topics in small business news.

Social Media Zuckerberg Says It Will Take Years to Fix Facebook, Will Your Customer Base Wait?

It will take months, even years, to appropriately and effectively address the concerns large portions of the public have with Facebook, the founder Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday. “Facebook is so complex” it will be a “multi-year effort” with “improvements made each month,” Zuckerber

Your Small Business Gmail Account could be in for some Changes – Coming Soon

A Gmail Redesign is Coming to Your Inbox Soon

The stripped down user interface of Gmail has been popular since it was first launched in 2004. Fast forward almost 15 years later, and little has changed except a 2011 redesign that simplified the UI even more. Now there is news Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has been working on a new version of Gmail for the web.

Gmail Redesign on the Way

TechCrunch reported the new Gmail will include a fresh design along with some new features, which were listed in the email the company sent to G Suite customers.

With more than 1 billion users around the world, Gmail is used by individuals, small businesses and enterprises as a standalone product or as part of G Suite. The new features will give small businesses additional tools to improve email communications.

The five features for the new service have limited explanation in the email, and even less was said by the company. TechCrunch posted a statement from a Google spokesperson regarding the updates, who said, “We’re working on some major updates to Gmail (they’re still in draft phase). We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can’t share

67 of Small Business Owners Impacted By Minimum Wage Hikes Support It

Support for Minimum Wage Increases High Among Small Businesses

A survey commissioned by LendEDU revealed 67.6 percent of small business owners are supportive of recent minimum wage hikes. This despite the cost they will have to incur because of the new laws.

High Support for Minimum Wage Increases

To date, a total of 18 cities and states have increased the minimum wage. The support for the wage increase is surprisingly high, as only 17 percent said they flat out don’t support it, with 15.4 percent still undecided. If there is anything this survey points out is, small business owners are an adaptive bunch. They said they will look into everything from AI to raising prices, hiring less/more, moving and more to make it work.

Being able to adapt is key for small businesses because they don’t have the same resources as large companies. As Mike Brown, who wrote the report from the data the survey uncovered said on the LendEDU blog, “For any business, outside changes out of your control often force you to adapt within your business, which is always key for survival.”

Brown adds, “The looming $15 minimum wage increase will pressure small business owners to tweak their model and make adjustments in order to thrive.”

The survey was commissioned by LendEDU and carried out online b



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