Fantasy Space and New Minimalism Set to Influence Design in 2018

Fantasy, Space and New Minimalism Set to Influence Image Design Trends For 2018

The seventh Creative Trends Report by Shutterstock (NYSE: SSTK) is forecasting 11 styles which it says will be influencing design and visual production in 2018. Fantasy, New Minimalism, and Space are the top three styles this year.

Image Design Trends for 2018

These 11 styles were determined based on the analysis of billions of customer searches, local favorites and some of the major trends throughout 2017. This includes search of images, videos, and music by advertising, film, and media industries. Shutterstock believes this, in turn, will influence the creative direction and design aesthetics for the year.

Having the right image, music, and video for today’s small businesses can determine how their customers engage with them. With websites, social media and apps now part of the marketing strategies for businesses, the content on these platforms must be chosen carefully. The Shutterstock report will give you a heads-up as to what styles will best resonate with your customers.

The 11 Styles

In addition to Fantasy, New Minimalism, and Space, the remaining eight styles are made up of: Natural Luxury, Punchy Pastels, A Global March, Cactus, Digital Crafts, Ancient Geometrics, Cryptocurrency,

Verifone Introduces Mobile POS to Improve Checkout for Merchants

Verifone e280 Mobile Point-of-Sale System to Improve Checkout for Merchants

The new Verifone (NYSE: PAY) e280 mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution looks like a smartphone and it is just as portable. However for retailers, it means being able to accept payments in different locations throughout the store as well as outside of it.

At just 4.5″ long and 2.5″ wide, the e280 has a 3.5″ color touchscreen for capturing the signature of your customers and on-screen interaction for secure PIN entry. Connectivity includes WiFi, Bluetooth BLE and USB-C so it can communicate with other devices and peripherals.

Small retailers can expect to see less and less foot traffic coming through their doors if their checkout process is not optimized. This is because as consumers shop more and more online, they expect the same level of efficiency when they are in a brick-and-mortar outlet.

The good news is, there are solutions in the marketplace small businesses can use to make checkouts as painless as possible for their customers.

In a press release announcing the new device, Glen Robson, executive vice president and Global Head of Solutions for Verifone, explained, “Retail is greatly influenced by consumer behaviors and experience, and merchants are looking for technology that is adaptable to changing consumer expec

2 in 3 Employees Don’t Trust Your Process Many Looking for New Jobs

The Relationship Between Business Processes and Employee Morale

There’s a good chance that your employees aren’t very happy with your business’s processes, according to a just-released study from Nintex, a workflow and content automation company. And that perception could cause many of them to seek employment elsewhere.

The Relationship Between Business Processes and Employee Morale

The study, called the “Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes,” found that about a third of employees at U.S. businesses with at least 1,000 employees are looking for new jobs. And 86 percent of workers cited their employers’ broken processes as an important factor behind their decisions. Overall, 67 percent of employees believe that their employers’ broken processes prevent them from reaching their full potential.

More specifically, the types of processes that employees are likely to perceive as broken include tech troubleshooting, access to tools and documents that help with job performance, performance reviews, promotions and employee onboarding.

While those particular findings come from employees of larger businesses, it can still offer some valuable insights to small business owners. Small and large busin

Instacart Acquires Unata Benefiting Small Grocers and Workers in the Gig Economy

The Acquisition of Unata by Instacart Will Benefit Small Grocers and Workers in the Gig Economy

The acquisition of Unata by Instacart will bring together two companies who are transforming online grocery shopping — and create plenty of opportunities for contractors in the gig economy and small independent grocers.

Benefits of Acquisition of Unata by Instacart

Instacart, a grocery delivery service mobilizing independent personal shoppers, will incorporate Unata’s 1-to-1 eCommerce, eCircular and eLoyalty experiences to create a comprehensive digital grocery experience on one platform. With these two digital solutions, grocery stores across the country, both large and small, can compete with national chains.

For independent grocers, this means being able to offer products digitally without the heavy cost of development and implementation of their own system. According to Instacart, the union will create a one-stop shop for brick-and-mortar retailers so they can compete with grocery stores that are increasingly operating in an online world.

In addressing the need to support the entire segment of grocery retailers, Chris Bryson, CEO of Unata, said in a press release, “By combining the power of our teams and technologies, we can achieve this vision faster and for the first time ever offer a

New MailChimp Campaign Builder Gives Small Business Marketers More Flexibility

New MailChimp Campaign Builder Designed for Ease of Use and Sharing

The new campaign builder from MailChimp has been improved to give you more flexibility so you can address each point of the campaign when you are ready.

Unlike the step-by-step process of the past, the new check-off system allows for improved collaboration and the flexibility to go to different parts of the campaign at any given time. The upgrade also has additional options for sharing on social media.

Using email as part of your overall business marketing is a good strategy. Because when it comes to receiving regular updates and promotions from companies they are interested in doing business with, 60 percent of respondents in a survey chose email as the most preferred communication method. The numbers get even better when you optimize your emails for mobile devices.

The New MailChimp Campaign Builder Improvements

When you start creating an email campaign, the flow of ideas will not come in order. This is important to remember because the old system assumed they did.

On the company blog, MailChim



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