Cracking the Code on Commercial Real Estate Loans

Where to Find Commercial Real Estate Loans and How to Get Approved

Financing is a big part of getting the right commercial location secured to start a small business. Here’s a few important boxes to check on where to find commercial real estate loans and how to get approved for one.

Like the name implies, commercial real estate loans are a mortgage loan that applies to a commercial as opposed to a residential property. Commercial properties are those that produce business income. Commercial loans can be used to purchase office locations, retail stores and a variety of other places and buildings.

What Are Commercial Real Estate Loans?

There are some differences between commercial real estate loans and their residential counterparts. The terms are shorter on commercial loans that they generally range from five years or less to 20 years.

They also require a final “balloon” payment at the end to pay off the loan in full. For example, a $2 million commercial loan might have monthly payments of close to $12,000 a month with a balloon payment of  $1million at the end to pay outstanding balance of  the loan right off.

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Fall in Love with Managing Virtual Teams Using These Simple Strategies

Tactics and Tools for Managing Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are the way of the future. Slowly but surely, businesses of all sizes are waking up to the tremendous potential that remote hiring brings.

When location itself is a non-factor, a business can hire the best from anywhere around the country, indeed the world.

It works well for employees, too. People are increasingly insisting on work-life balance in their lives, and no one is a fan of rushed mornings, daily commutes, or being chained to their desks for long hours at a stretch. According to at least one report, millennials prefer working remotely. Digital nomads dislike the conventional way of working and rely on remote work to earn a living as they travel around the world.

But managing virtual teams brings with it its own set of challenges. You may be a traditional business with a few virtual employees, or an entirely virtual company. Regardless of whether you are fully or partially virtual, here are some of our tried and tested tactics to streamline work across continents and time zones and make sure the employees remain happy and motivated.

Tactics for Managing Virtual Teams Keep Prod

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These 5 Pieces of Social Media Video News will Change Small Business Marketing

facebook opens watch

When it comes to engagement, video is a vividly colored unicorn. It captures the eye, draws the user in, and holds their attention for a longer duration.

Video certainly isn’t new on social media, but there have been recent changes that directly impact publishers and video marketing specialists. In case these didn’t fall onto your radar, here are 5 social media video news announcements that are worthy of your attention.

1. Facebook Opens Watch to More Creators

Facebook is giving creators and publishers more tools in their video-oriented arsenal by expanding its offerings.

Originally, Watch was only going to feature original programming and content. However, Facebook decided to include videos from Pages as well, and a larger number of creators will be eligible. To help find the ideal creators, the Facebook for Creators Launchpad program will assist in identifying candidates.

Additionally, new revenue opportunities will also be available. This can be a boon for organizations that were harmed by monetization changes on channels like YouTube, giving creators and publishers additional options fo

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What is a Microloan and Where Can You Get One for Your Small Business?

What are Microloans and Where Can You Get One?

Microloans are small loans which are issued to businesses by individuals opposed to credit unions or banks. The concept of microcredit originated in the developing world, as a means of helping people in smaller economics have the ability to launch their own business. Microlending subsequently took off around the world, and today, small business microloans are an effective way to lend entrepreneurs and small businesses in the U.S. with the funds they need to start and develop their business.

General Terms of Microloans

The maximum amount a microloan will typically lend is up to $35,000. However, in some instances, lenders will lend up to $50,000. The average amount microloans lend is around $10,000.  Businesses can use microloans to borrow as little as $500, making these types of loans a good option for small businesses needing to get their hands on smaller funds.

One of the key attractions of a microloan is that they are generally easier to qualify for than a traditional small business loan. Specific eligibility criteria vary from lender to lender, and can be influenced by the type of industr

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