Best Commercial Air Fresheners

The workplace needs to be fresh and comfortable to achieve optimum levels of productivity. As such, there is a need for fresh air to circulate and remove stale air from the premises to keep both staff and customers healthy.

Besides keeping people upbeat, fresh air helps you think better and increases energy levels. On the other hand, bad odors can cause disruptions in the workforce as well as chase away customers. This also applies to bathrooms, workshops and small confined spaces that can easily trap unpleasant smells.

One of the best ways to maintain a pleasing aroma inside the workspace is by using an automatic air freshener that releases small amounts of fragrances at a set interval

Top Pick: Rubbermaid Microburst Aerosol Air Care System Runner Up: SVAVO Automatic LCD Fragrance Dispenser Best Value: ELETA Programmable Commercial Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser


Rubbermaid MicroburstRubbermaid Commercial Products 1793536 Microburst Automated Odor-Controlling Aerosol Air Care System

7 Top Passive Income Ideas for Small Business Owners in 2021

Passive Income Ideas

2020 has been a tough year, especially for small businesses. We have all had many eye-opening realizations about financial stability. And the most prominent one would be the fact that relying on one income stream is not an option anymore.

To survive and thrive in the post-COVID19 world, having multiple income streams has become a necessity. For small business owners, building a couple of passive income streams can ensure that your business can stick through the toughest times too.

When the times are tough, passive income streams can help you fund your small business, with almost little to no effort. In this article, let’s see some of the top passive income ideas that will support you during these unprecedented times.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is the process of earning money from a business in which you aren’t actively involved anymore.

Many people mistake passive income for money that is earned from get-rich-quick schemes. That is not true. It cannot magically help you earn money instantly. Otherwise everyone today would be successfully owning multiple passive income businesses today.

Most passive income streams

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Clapper Video Platform Enables Monetization for Creators

Clapper Video Platform (1)

Clapper, a digital media company that delivers short videos via a mobile app similar to TikTok, recently announced the launch of Clapper FAM, a new monetization feature that allows content creators to develop an income stream through donations from supporters inside the app.

“The monetization feature adds to our suite of industry-leading tools that empower creators to produce an endless variety of video content,” a Clapper spokesperson said. “With monetization, Clapper now offers a practical path for content creators to sustain themselves on an ad-free and censorship-free social media platform.”

Clapper FAM Brings Monetization Feature to Video Platform

The new feature is currently in beta and is being rolled out to a select group of users. The company has not said when it will be made more widely available.

Clapper FAM joins a growing group of social network platforms that enables content creators to monetize their efforts through livestreaming or recorded videos. For example, TikTok announced a $200 million creator fund in July designed to support content creators. Twi

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Keap names the IKON Small Business of the Year Winner

keap small business of the year

Mwale and Chantel Henry, The Legacy Project/The Bestseller Academy, are the winners of Keap’s $15,000 IKON Small Business of the Year award. The winner was chosen from four finalists. Keap holds the contest annually, and the winner is chosen by Keap user votes.

The four finalists gave presentations about their businesses and how they used Keap to grow during 2020. Their presentations were aired during the Keap IKON conference last week.

“I get so pleased that we got to have a little part in growing their businesses,” said Keap CEO and co-founder Clate Mask, before introducing the finalists. “I promise you’ll be inspired.”

In accepting the award, Mwale and Chantel Henry expressed their gratitude.

“The work, the hours we put in, were not in vain,” Chantel Henry said. “We’re really thankful.”

Keap IKON Small Business of the Year 2020

Here’s a look at the four finalists:

Mwale and Chantel Henry/The Legac

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