10 Heat Map Tools and User Tracking Tools

10 Heat Map Tools and User Tracking Tools

In business, entrepreneurs are always trying to crunch numbers and glean valuable insights from them. With the growing data from social media platforms, customer interactions, and sales, managing and interpreting data has become important for businesses of all sizes.

Often spreadsheets can provide the figures. But may not necessarily provide the tools to looks at trends, patterns and visualize outcomes. However, through data visualization which can be graphs, charts or pictorial representation of information and figures we can quickly pick up on what is happening.

Data analyst and machine learning can pull insights from statistics without visualization. But for the less initiated among us, it would be difficult to communicate the meanings without visualization. This is because our brains process visual information far more easily than written information or spreadsheets. A chart or graph can help us summarize complex figures much better than spreadsheets. Among the data visualizations tools available to businesses is heat maps.

What is a Heat Map?

Heat maps differ from other analytics tools in the way the statistics is displayed. Essentially heat maps can easily identify clusters

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What Is Business Debt Consolidation and Is it Right for You?

What Is Business Debt Consolidation and Is it Right for You?

Having multiple loans complicates business bookkeeping. Multiple loans may also impact business cash flow during the month.

Should you consider business debt consolidation? Absolutely. Even if you’re easily managing multiple loans and cash flow, you might save money through debt consolidation.

An investigation into small business debt consolidation that helps you save money? Sounds like a good idea. Let’s take a look.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Let’s get the simple definition out of the way. Debt consolidation is when you take multiple loans, including fixed loans and lines of credit, and combine the debt into one loan.

Can You Consolidate Business Debt?

As you took on the trappings of adult life, you accumulated financial responsibility. You got a mortgage, a car payment and credit card. Well, or credit cards.

At some point you thought, wait a second. My mortgage rate is good, but my credit card interest rate is ridiculous. My car payment interest rate falls somewhere in between. Hey, if

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How Grocery Businesses Can Easily Embrace Digital Transformation

Grocery Business Digital Transformation

Grocery business owners and food retailers are among those businesses that have seen the most dramatic impact from novel coronavirus.

With the stockpiling trend still around and a move to online ordering steadily increasing, grocery sellers are scrambling to keep up.

Grocery Business Digital Transformation

Here are a few tips for grocery businesses owners to embrace digital transformation and win the quickly changing market.

But first, what has changed?

No one could really see it coming. Within the matter of a few weeks, the consumers around the world found themselves locked inside their houses under a mandatory lock-down.

Adjusting their lifestyle accordingly, consumers have reported embracing at-home activities like exercising and, of course, cooking. Another report done by Taste Wise claims that more parents cook at home with their kids and they are exploring all kinds of new cooking methods and recipes:

Home cooking stats[A growing interest in cooking at home is good news for grocery businesses! Source: Taste Wise]

These beha

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How to Learn New Skills Fast (INFOGRAPHIC)

One of the insights many people gained from all the time they had during the lockdown is how easy it is to learn a skill with today’s digital ecosystem. And the new infographic from Fast Online Master’s developed by Nowsourcing is going to teach you how you can learn these new skills fast.

Titled Tricks to Learn Any Skill Fast, the infographic highlights the value of lifelong learning along with ways to learn quickly. This is critically important because being able to acquire new skill sets quickly is essential moving forward in the workforce. And this requires people to become lifelong learners.

Learn New Skills Fast

According to the report in the infographic, 73% of American adults consider themselves lifelong learners. While 50% of Americans feel they are under-skilled and they fear missing out on growth opportunities.

The good news is there are more learning platforms than ever. So, taking a course, lesson or tutorial is as easy as typing in the skills you want to learn in Google. You can find everyone from premier colleges and universities to experts in their field offering free and paid learning opportunities.

The report says the benefit of lifelong learning translates into helping you adapt to unanticipated changes quickly. This includes losing your job, changes in your duties in the workplace, and technological advances.<

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