Distance Learning Demand Offers Opportunity for Small Education Businesses

Distance Learning Technology More Important Than Ever

Distance learning has become more important than ever as mandates to combat the coronavirus pandemic close schools across all age groups. In the U.S. alone there are around 51 million students in public schools, not to mention other learning institutions.

Thankfully there is a technology in place to keep the learning going. And this crisis is highlighting the importance and capability of distance learning as tens of millions of people learn online.

A new infographic presented by EDSmart and developed by Nowsourcing, titled, “The Future of Distance Learning” looks at the technology, trends, benefits and challenges.

For many small education companies, this is a great opportunity to invest more in their distance learning capability. This is because it is the future of learning and you can make your business available globally with this format.

Small Education Companies and Distance Learning

Distance learning is now an accepted part of the mainstream educational system. And i

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What is the CCPA and Could It Threaten Your Small Businesses?

What is the CCPA and Could It Threaten Your Small Businesses?

Protecting personal information of clients should be tops on your radar, and it’s growing increasingly complex. The recent enacting of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may not directly affect your small business, but you need to know about it. It is definitely a sign of things to come regarding data protection.

What is the CCPA?

The CCPA is a regulation aimed at protecting the personal information of California residents, giving those residents more control over their data. You might think it has nothing to do with your small business. After all, you don’t operate in California, right?

The CCPA has jurisdiction not only over businesses operating in California, but also over all businesses that process the personal information of California residents. In order for the CCPA regulation to apply, the business must have annual gross revenue of more than $25 million.

So, you’re thinking, the CCPA doesn’t apply to my small business. I don’t operate in California or have customers in California. Even if I did, my business revenue isn’t anywhere close to $25 million.

But you do need to pay attention to CCPA, because i

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Offer 401ks for Employees at No Cost to You? SaveDay Says You Can

SaveDay 401k

Providing your employees with an option to join a 401K plan sounds more like a dream than a reality. It serves as quite a perk. And it helps level that proverbial playing field. For example, bigger companies often siphon off great talent from small businesses because they can’t provide such perks.

One of the biggest hurdles small businesses face remains the costs associated with managing those 401K plans. For example, consider how much it costs for record keeping and accounting fees.

But what if a 401K existed with no administrative fees for employers?

A company called SaveDay says it can help small businesses. It claims to offer employees a 401K plan with no cost burden to the employer.

How the SaveDay 401k Works for Employers

SaveDay integrates with any payroll provider. As a result, it works with small businesses of any size, said CEO Barry Mione.

“SaveDay will handle the sync with payroll,” Mione said. “Once payroll is submitted, 401K contributions are also completed.”

With traditional 401K plans, the employer pays administration fees. For example, the cost covers things like management, record keeping, accounting, l

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Webinar Will Tackle Transitioning to a Work-From-Home Business Model


Small businesses conferences and events have been, for the most part, put on hold or cancelled as we all endure the disruption coronavirus has caused.

When things finally get back to normal — hopefully sooner than later — it’ll be great to connect and re-connect with others.

Until then, we still have a chance to connect with events like the one coming up on Wednesday, April 1.

That’s when Results Resourcing hosts a webinar called, Business Virtual – A Crash Course for Entrepreneurs.

And the topic of the webinar is very current: coronav

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